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In driver education since 1979, chief instructor and owner/operator Jerry Collins has been a Ministry (MTO) approved beginner driver education course provider for over 28 years. Ontario New Drivers was recognized by the Ontario Safety League for its dedication and commitment to driver education and for compliance in the MTO / BDE (Educational Inspection Process). We continue in this endeavor.
OND has also been voted as a top driving school in the Aurora and Newmarket area for the past 28 years as chosen by the Era Banner’s People’s Choice Awards. Most importantly, OND has been recommended and referred by hundreds of past students and clients and others involved in road safety and driver improvement.
Teachers and instructors at OND are government licensed and trained by the Ontario Safety League or in an intensive college course with vast experience in many levels of teaching, instructing, and coaching, including special education, advanced instructor training, mature driver training, and MTO improvement programs. Our main focus, however, is on you, the novice driver, and therefore we have developed one of the best new driver programs available anywhere in the industry. Our combined 40 hour in-vehicle and classroom curriculum is based on strategic driving techniques, driver attitudes, analysis of traffic situations, and the underlying causes of driver errors. All of this is done through a unique, interactive student-involvement process. This helps to develop positive driver attitudes!
OND is the only driving school where you can speak with any or all of these key professionals, who greatly influence your driver education needs.
If you are interested in any of our programs, please contact us and speak directly with one of our trainers. Yes you may speak directly with your teacher or instructor!
Please note we are not a factory discount driving school; We have a true measured learning outcome.
You deserve the best from us and we expect the most from you!
Owner/Instructor: Jerry Collins
In-class Teacher/Director: James Mitchell
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